Rice broadcast live technology

The most suitable varieties: single-season rice, indica rice. The late rice direct broadcasting technology has been promoted in our city for many years. It is a rice cultivation technology that is more labor-saving, energy-saving, cost-effective, and yield-increasing and efficient than other ligh

Grass carp seedling health cultivation method

1. Pond conditions Grass carp seedlings cultivation pond area is suitable for about 5 acres, the pool depth of 2 meters to 2.5 meters, pool-shaped east-west direction, quiet environment, surrounded by no tall trees and buildings, easy fishing pond lighting, ventilation. The pool bank is neat, the d

Save on bait costs and increase fishery efficiency

In the aquaculture industry, feed costs account for approximately 60%-70% of total production costs. Therefore, it is of great significance to save fish feeds in order to expand profit margins and improve fish conservation. First, choose high-quality feed should pay attention to two: First, feed n

Fresh-keeping techniques for cauliflower and broccoli

Both broccoli and broccoli are cruciferous cabbage vegetables native to the Mediterranean coast. Cauliflower is also known as cauliflower or cauliflower. Delayed harvesting period or improper storage environment after harvesting, such as high temperature and low temperature, may cause broccoli to l

Rotary cultivator use adjustment and maintenance techno…

First, the correct use of rotary cultivator 1. Correctly choose rotary shaft speed and tractor speed. In order to ensure that the soil of the rotary cultivator is in accordance with agronomic requirements during the operation, the forward speed of the dry tillage operation is selected from 2 to 3

The biological characteristics and artificial breeding …

Nibea miichthioides is a genus of fish, and is a genus of the genus Apocynchus. It is commonly known as 鲈 鲈 and is mainly distributed in the subtropical waters of Zhejiang, Fujian, and Guangdong. This kind of fish is meat-like, has the advantages of fast growth, strong disease resistanc

Mango harvesting technology and preservation

The determination of maturity, mango timely harvest, premature harvest, fruit flavor is light, very easy to lose water, so that skin shrinkage. Late harvesting, the fruit is easy to fall off naturally, after-ripening is accelerated, and storage and transportation are not tolerated. The general crit

Development of Two Feed Enzyme Preparations

Feed enzyme preparation refers to the extracellular enzyme produced by using microbiological technology and is usually used as a feed additive. It plays an important role in eliminating anti-nutritional factors, increasing resource utilization, opening up new feed sources, and solving environmenta

Germany discovers genetically modified rice from China

The German Food Surveillance Agency has discovered GM rice from China in at least three Asian stores in Hessen, Hamburg and Lower Saxony. The rice brand is "Swallow Sailing". After five sampling tests, it was found that the rice contains genetically modified components that differ from lo

Seven Prevention and Treatment of Cold Damage to Tea Tr…

1. Fertilizer wax. Low-age tea plants are relatively weak in cold resistance, and they must be re-applied once in the winter before they are applied in conjunction with earthworms. Fertilizer is mainly made up of soil miscellaneous fertilizers, manures, and biogas residues with a certain degree of