Black rot of vegetables

The disease mainly harms cruciferous vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage and seaweed. After the seedlings emerged, the cotyledons were submerged, the root pith was dark, and the seedlings were dead. Plants become infected, causing leaf spots or black veins. Leaf spots are often exp

Where is the "medical stent era" CABG?

Release date: 2007-08-23 What is the history of CABG in the era of drug stents? Since the beginning of the last century, people have been making unremitting efforts to cure coronary heart disease, and constantly create safer, more effective and less traumatic treatments. The emergence of the &q

How does wheat combine to defend against dry hot wind?

What is dry hot air? Dry hot air is one of the major meteorological disasters in agricultural production. It is an atmospheric drought phenomenon with high temperature and low temperature accompanied by certain wind power. Daily maximum temperature ≥32°C, 14 hour relative humidity ≤

Strengthen pomegranate pre-harvest management

Density, topping. Remove leggy branches, erect branches, dense branches, and slender branches within the canopy. Keep the interior of the tree crowns airy and transparent. For the purpose of cultivating the tree shape for the purpose of cultivating the tree shape for the purpose of cultivating the

Harvester Common Faults and Troubleshooting

The damage of the cutter blade is mainly due to the cutter encountering hard objects such as stones and tree roots during the cutting process; the blade guard is loose or deformed, and the height of the fixed blade is inconsistent; the blade rivet is loosened, and the cutters collide with each othe

Soybean meal control key

First, the characteristics of occurrence Soybean meal damage soybean (soybean) is both common and serious, is a common occurrence of major pests, occur in both southern and northern China. Its main features are: adults spawn on flower buds and tender larvae, larvae are mostly hatched at 6-9 am, n

Watermelon double film covering cultivation points

I. Variety selection Select high-quality, low-temperature, low-light early-maturing, high-yield watermelon varieties. For example, Royal Family, Precocious Prince, Jingxin No. 1 and so on. Second, nursery Use greenhouses, greenhouses, small warm pits and other facilities to raise seedlings, see

How to promote summer sweet potato production

In recent years, with the deep processing of sweet potatoes, its economic value has continued to grow. The planting area of ​​sweet potatoes has been increasing year by year, especially in the summer. To achieve high yields of sweet potato in summer, the following five measures shoul

Fermentation bed duck technology

Jinbao Fermentation Bed Pigs The majority of farmers have become very familiar with pig breeding. Due to its outstanding features such as environmental protection, ecology, time saving, labor saving, food saving, and good meat quality, Jinbao's fermentation bed pigs have been warmly welcomed by

Technical measures to increase fertility in meat dogs

First, choose the fitting period 1? Strictly with the initial age: females with small body shape and general shape must be in the 1.5-year-old and 1.8-year-old respectively after the initial allocation, male dogs 1.5 to 2 years old can be breeding. 2? grasp the adaptation period: In general, from