Current can accelerate wound healing

Release date: 2006-08-11 Current can speed up wound healing According to China Medical News, applying electricity to the skin can prompt the wound to heal faster. This sounds a bit like an advertisement for a liar, but researchers have experimented with it to prove it is true. Recent research b

Postharvest management of grapes

After the control of dendritic fruit harvest, the continuous growth of the grape dendron will consume nutrients of the tree body. In addition to taking measures such as topping the heart and removing the shoots to control the growth of the dendrite, it can also spray 0.05% of the long-term solutio

Production and Application of Multifunctional Soybean D…

1. Physiological function of multifunctional soybean dietary fiber Dietary fiber mainly refers to the general term of macromolecular carbohydrates that cannot be digested by human digestive enzymes, and mainly includes cellulose, pectin, xylan, and mannose. Although dietary fiber can not provide an

Newly developed bean products

Legumes are foods that our people love. Legumes are rich in nutrients. Proteins and essential amino acids contained in the beans are close to one animal protein in terms of quantity and mutual ratio. But the cholesterol content of legumes is much lower than that of fish and meat. , eggs, milk, and

Dolphin breeding management method

Adults are raised after a period of time, individuals grow, their densities become relatively larger, and baby dollfish disease also occurs. Therefore, daily management work is very important. The day-to-day management of adult pools is a diligence, early morning, three-view, and four defenses. A

Fish species stocking calculation method

The characteristics of fish farming in ponds in China is to conduct multi-species polyculture in the same water body, that is, to use a certain amount of bait and fully utilize the natural foods in the water body. At the same time, it is linked with the aquatic ecosystem and plays a complementary

There are seven taboos in watermelon fertilization

One bogey single application of large amounts of nitrogen fertilizer. The fertilization of watermelon is the most concerned with the combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. If a single application of large amounts of nitrogen fertilizer, the plants are extremely prolonged, which is not

Dealing with banana disease strains

There are no specific cures for the cure of banana bunchy lesions and mosaic heart rot. Therefore, the prevention and control should be based on prevention, completely eliminate the transmission medium, remove diseased plants in time, and reduce viral infections. According to the conventional treat

Adopting matching technology to quickly fatten beef cat…

1. Variety is the key To improve the economic benefits by introducing good varieties and using heterosis to increase the output and quality of livestock products. Second, feed is based on weaning from beef cattle to 150 kg, feeding 70% of silage (including high quality grass and hay), 30% of comp

Rape is a biodiesel seed developer

Right now, in the face of energy shortages, the ability to replace petroleum and environmentally friendly, renewable biodiesel has attracted widespread attention. Researcher of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences and expert on rapeseed researcher Qi Cunjian pointed out that rapeseed is the mo