Development of Two Feed Enzyme Preparations

Feed enzyme preparation refers to the extracellular enzyme produced by using microbiological technology and is usually used as a feed additive. It plays an important role in eliminating anti-nutritional factors, increasing resource utilization, opening up new feed sources, and solving environmenta

Germany discovers genetically modified rice from China

The German Food Surveillance Agency has discovered GM rice from China in at least three Asian stores in Hessen, Hamburg and Lower Saxony. The rice brand is "Swallow Sailing". After five sampling tests, it was found that the rice contains genetically modified components that differ from lo

Seven Prevention and Treatment of Cold Damage to Tea Tr…

1. Fertilizer wax. Low-age tea plants are relatively weak in cold resistance, and they must be re-applied once in the winter before they are applied in conjunction with earthworms. Fertilizer is mainly made up of soil miscellaneous fertilizers, manures, and biogas residues with a certain degree of

Goat breeding techniques in autumn

Goat's estrus is generally from the early September of that year to February of the following year. At this time, the ewe’s libido is generally strong and the conception rate is high. In September and October of that year, the species was bred, and in the following February and March, la

Plowing operation

First, the cause of running (1) Before the ploughing of the unit, no field cleaning or cleaning was performed. (2) During the ploughing process, the driver found that the plough dragging phenomenon was not eliminated in time. (3) The soil is hard or the grass root layer is too thick, and the pl

Production of salted steamed bread operation points

Shantou is a special agricultural product, rich in nutrients, high dietary fiber, spicy ingredients, and has the effect of enhancing human immunity, preventing bacteria, and disinfecting. Shantou harvest is seasonal, short, easy to rot, inconvenient to save, easy to lose the characteristics of good

Current can accelerate wound healing

Release date: 2006-08-11 Current can speed up wound healing According to China Medical News, applying electricity to the skin can prompt the wound to heal faster. This sounds a bit like an advertisement for a liar, but researchers have experimented with it to prove it is true. Recent research b

Postharvest management of grapes

After the control of dendritic fruit harvest, the continuous growth of the grape dendron will consume nutrients of the tree body. In addition to taking measures such as topping the heart and removing the shoots to control the growth of the dendrite, it can also spray 0.05% of the long-term solutio

Production and Application of Multifunctional Soybean D…

1. Physiological function of multifunctional soybean dietary fiber Dietary fiber mainly refers to the general term of macromolecular carbohydrates that cannot be digested by human digestive enzymes, and mainly includes cellulose, pectin, xylan, and mannose. Although dietary fiber can not provide an

Newly developed bean products

Legumes are foods that our people love. Legumes are rich in nutrients. Proteins and essential amino acids contained in the beans are close to one animal protein in terms of quantity and mutual ratio. But the cholesterol content of legumes is much lower than that of fish and meat. , eggs, milk, and